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RML Photography

Photography is my passion!  (Please browse the "Galleries" shown below)

I was born in Ottawa, Ontario. But we relocated a lot when we were young to different small towns around the Ottawa Valley. Being born in North America in the 50's meant that cars played an important role in our culture and in most of our family's activities.

My parents took us on many day drives to places like Montréal and its beautiful parks and of course to "Expo 67". We also visited many other places and picnicked in parks around Ottawa. My parents would pack a lunch and off we'd go. When I look back, i think this helped me develop my love for exploring, seeing new things and just driving around.

I took up photography as a passing hobby in my early twenties for a couple of years. I then dropped it as I built up my career in management and had other things on my mind. In 2008 I bought a new camera kit and I developed a love for creating images. I have gone through many cameras and lenses since then as I tried new things and developed my skills and experience.

Photography has developed into a true passion for me. I can usually be found leaving my house very early on any day off, loading my camera gear into the car and taking off in time to capture the beauty of a sunrise. I love traveling around in search of beautiful things to photograph.

I am dedicated to capturing the special moments in life. It gives me great pleasure to record memories that will be cherished forever. To that end, my services include getting to understand my clients' requirements and expectations. I then apply my experience, skills and creativity to ensure that the images that i capture, develop and deliver meet or exceed these expectations.

I am available to photograph:

     - corporate events

     - people

     - family portraits and events

     - community events

     - landscapes

     - nature

     - and anything in between

I am fluent in english and french.

Please contact me via email to discuss your requirements at: robertlachaine@yahoo.ca

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site.


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